1853 Hwy 92 | Mount Horeb | 53572
Architecture: GMK Architecture Inc.

Built 2011, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, 3870 square feet

This homes design was driven to remain suitable as needs shift and technology evolves. The goals of the project were to create a home that is Connected to Nature, Reflect its rural setting, Enhanced by Technology, Designed to Accommodate life’s changing needs. This home combines high style with sustainable design that create open and light filled living spaces, organized and separated into private and public functions. Highlights include:

* iPad based home control system that operates not both entertainment and energy systems (i.e. – light controls, energy monitoring, automated shades)
* Low energy use – $700 dollars a year to heat and cool
* Local sourced products and materials
* A new kitchen design layout that features both an entertainment kitchen and a working kitchen
* Multipurpose design allows for re-purposing of space as needs and technologies change

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